2013 Eyes of History: New Media Contest: Feature Story: Linear

First Place

Lost And Found: Discover A Black-And-White Era In Full Color

Claire O’Neill, NPR
Reported/Produced, Claire O’Neill

Designed/Developed, Wes Lindamood

Supervising Producer, Keith Jenkins
Lost And Found: Discover A Black-And-White Era In Full Color: Hobbyist photographer Charles Cushman’s archive contains more than 14,000 photos spanning three decades we typically see in black and white — including one of the first known color photos of a freshly-painted Golden Gate Bridge in the late 1930s.

Second Place

Andrew Harnik, The Washington Times
Out to the Pastures: The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation at the James River Correctional Facility is one of twenty four facilities nationwide set up to save retired racehorses from neglect, abuse, and slaughter by rehabilitating them with the help of prison inmates who in turn, learn life skills to help them deal with others and become successful citizens once released back into society.

Third Place

The Dance of Life: The Concert - Alexandra Garcia - The Washington Post

Alexandra Garcia, The Washington Post
Producer, Alexandra Garcia

Video journalist/reporter and timelapse photography, Alexandra Garcia

Motion Graphics, Sohail Al-Jamea

Reporter, Sarah Kaufman
The Dance of Life: The Concert: “The Dance of Life: The Concert” is an installment of The Post’s series about the hidden choreography all around us. Rigging a rock concert has always been hard physical labor. But as shows get more technologically complex, they require ever more intricately coordinated manpower. Blending time-lapse and video photography with pop-up text, this project allows users experience the dance of the “riggers,” the dozens of people who ready a pop concert’s multilevel monument to sensory overload.

Award of Excellence

Jason Reed, Reuters
Larry Downing, Reuters

Addicted to the Needle: Today’s tattoos have evolved into beautiful interpretations by savvy artists that bend those ancient lines into colorful masterpieces etched onto a virgin canvas of skin with sharp needles and bright inks. Lifetimes of stories of hard love, or high adventures archived onto an arm, a leg, or for that matter, anywhere skin lives for curious eyes to enjoy forever. This project opens a window into the private world and the culture of tattooing – no longer the stamp indicating someone to be a tramp, or a biker outlaw, but instead a lover of beautiful art and personal expression. However, the freedom of expression comes with a steep price and should be considered before making that tattoo appointment. There’s no magic eraser…once in…all in….