2013 Eyes of History: New Media Contest: Innovation

First Place

Lost And Found: Discover A Black-And-White Era In Full Color

Claire O’Neill, NPR
Reported/Produced, Claire O’Neill

Designed/Developed, Wes Lindamood

Supervising Producer, Keith Jenkins
Lost And Found: Discover A Black-And-White Era In Full Color: Hobbyist photographer Charles Cushman’s archive contains more than 14,000 photos spanning three decades we typically see in black and white — including one of the first known color photos of a freshly-painted Golden Gate Bridge in the late 1930s.

Second Place

Shifting Portraits of American Black Women - Whitney Shefte -The Washington Post

Whitney Shefte, The Washington Post
Video, reporting and editing, Whitney Shefte
Design and development, Grace Koerber
Shifting Portraits of American Black Women: Our homes, our work and our self-esteem all inform who we are as people. We interviewed six black women about these themes, which were identified in a nationwide survey conducted by The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation. Each woman posed for video portraits that represent each of these themes. The women describe what they see when they look in the mirror and explain what it means to them to be a black woman today.

Third Place

The Dance of Life: The Concert - Alexandra Garcia - The Washington Post

Alexandra Garcia, The Washington Post
Producer, Alexandra Garcia

Video journalist/reporter and timelapse photography, Alexandra Garcia

Motion Graphics, Sohail Al-Jamea

Reporter, Sarah Kaufman
The Dance of Life: The Concert: “The Dance of Life: The Concert” is an installment of The Post’s series about the hidden choreography all around us. Rigging a rock concert has always been hard physical labor. But as shows get more technologically complex, they require ever more intricately coordinated manpower. Blending time-lapse and video photography with pop-up text, this project allows users experience the dance of the “riggers,” the dozens of people who ready a pop concert’s multilevel monument to sensory overload.