2013 Eyes of History: New Media Contest: Issue Reporting: Linear

First Place

Amanda Lucidon for AARP
Amanda Lucidon, Director/Producer
Brad Horn, Multimedia Editor
Michael Wichita, Executive Producer
Voices of an Era: Through four personal stories and archival footage, “Voices of an Era” chronicles more than 70 years of defining moments in the gay rights movement.

Second Place

John W. Poole, NPR
John W. Poole
Richard Knox
Jane Greenhalgh
Water in the Time of Cholera: Life for most Haitians is a constant struggle for clean water. And now that cholera has invaded Haiti, safe drinking water has become Haiti’s most urgent public health problem. The disease has killed more than 7,000 people since late 2010.

Third Place

Zero Day: Exploring Cyberspace as a New Domain of War - Whitney Shefte - The Washington Post

Whitney Shefte, The Washington Post
Whitney Shefte, video, reporting and editing
Sohail al-Jamea, motion graphics
Robert O’Harrow Jr., reporting
Kat Downs, web producer
Greg Linch, web producer
Zero Day: Exploring Cyberspace as a New Domain of War: Government and business leaders in the United States and around the world are rushing to build better defenses – and prepare for the coming battles in the digital universe. To succeed, they must understand one of the most complex, man-made environments on Earth: cyberspace.

Award of Excellence

David Gilkey, NPR
How The Smokey Bear Effect Led To Raging Wildfires: Smokey the Bear was supposed to prevent fires, scientists now say the fire-prevention campaign is one of the main causes of today’s devastating megafires.

Award of Excellence

David Gilkey, NPR
In Nigerian Gold Rush, Lead Poisons Thousands Of Children: Across a swath of northern Nigeria, a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding, as lead from illegal gold mines sickens thousands of children.