2015 Eyes of History: Multimedia Contest rules & entry

 Closed  Deadline: 27 Jan 2015 

The creation of the Multimedia Contest aims to recognize the efforts of our colleagues who create, design and produce stories and packages that are distributed primarily on the web.

Entry RequirementsCategoriesEnter Now
  • At least one member of a project must meet eligibility requirements for WHNPA membership to enter the Multimedia Contest.
  • An entry fee of $50.00 includes entry into one category. Each additional category entered costs an additional $15. The fees must be paid via Paypal. Only one entry fee per entrant is required.
  • All entries must have been published on or after Jan. 1, 2014, and before Dec. 31, 2014. Freelance work is welcome. Entry limit per category is six (6).
  • NOTE: For the 2105 contest only, those who are not currently members, may enter the Multimedia Contest IF they apply for Active membership to the WHNPA. The new member application must be completed and submitted by the deadline of the Multimedia Contest and the applicant must meet the current bylaw requirements for Active membership. Only one member of the team that produced the entry need meet eligibility requirements for WHNPA membership. For example, a project that uses wire photography by a non-eligible photographer may be entered if the project was edited by a WHNPA member. Likewise, an eligible photographer may enter a project produced by a non-eligible entity.
  • NOTE: We now accept video stories but only those that were originally intended for web-based viewing. We will NOT, for example, accept video stories originally intended for television viewing and that are subsequently published on that station’s affiliated website. The piece cannot be entered in both the Video contest and the Multimedia contest.
  • Entrants acknowledge that they have the right to display all content on their personal or professional web sites.

All questions about the Multimedia contest can be directed to [email protected].


A public judging will be held at the National Geographic building on Feb. 7 and 8, 2015.

The Multimedia Committee and this year’s WHNPA Multimedia judges reserve the right to move entries into more appropriate categories or disqualify entries they feel don’t abide by the rules or meet the standards set forth in the bylaws of the WHNPA. They may also choose not to award a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place if there are not enough qualified entries per category. Ultimately, we want to create a fair contest that recognizes the best work in our field.

Enter up to six ( 6 ) stories per category. Video entries are limited to ten ( 10 ) minutes with the exception of the Documentary video category which can be up to thirty-five ( 35 ) minutes.

  • News Story – A single multimedia story or video covering spot, daily or general news.
  • Issue Reporting – A single multimedia story or video that explores social, cultural or political issues.
  • Feature Story – A single multimedia story or video about the human experience or entertainment.
  • Sports – A single multimedia story or video on anything involving sports; professionals, amateurs, places or events.
  • Documentary – An in-depth video story about news events, social issues, human experience and/or cultural trends.
  • Best Multimedia Package – An in-depth multimedia package that uses a combination audio, video, still photography, graphics, and/or animation in telling a story. Specific elements will be judged as well as how well the elements work together in telling the story.
  • Deadline for entry and payment is January 27, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • The entry fee of $50.00 includes entry into one category. Each additional category entered costs an additional $15. Please list the categories you have entered in your submission e-mail and the total amount paid.
  • Entrants are encouraged to include a short summary with each URL (50 word max).
  • Entrants must be WHNPA members in good standing with all dues up to date or have applied to become active members.

The Multimedia Committee is: Coburn Dukehart, Christian Fuchs, Pierre Kattar and Whitney Shefte.

1. Complete entry form for content

2. Pay Entry Fee(s)

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Entry Fee
 $50  + $3 online processing fee
This fee covers one (1) entries into a category for the Eyes of History Multimedia Contest.

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Additional Entry Fee
 $15 per additional category entered  + $0.50 online processing fee per additional entry

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