2016 Eyes of History: Multimedia Contest

Multimedia Producer of the Year

Spencer Millsap, National Geographic

News Story

First - The New York Times: "After Nepal Quakes, Worries in the Water"
Pierre Kattar

Second - National Geographic: "These Bats Mysteriously Survived a Killer Fungus"
Gabriella Garcia-Pardo

Third - The New York Times: "Gang Life in Baltimore"
A.J. Chavar

HM - The Washington Post: "Along police lines as curfew descends in Baltimore"
Whitney Leaming

Feature Story

First - NPR: "Human vs. Horse Marathon"
Adam Cole
Ryan Kellman
Alison Richards

Second - NPR: "A Brother And Sister In Love"
Claire O’Neill
Wes Lindamood
Tyler Fisher

Third - The Washington Post: "The Holocaust’s last voices"
Gabe Silverman
McKenna Ewen

HM - The Washington Post: "Young Brothers Visit Warrior Dad at Arlington National Cemetery"
McKenna Ewen

HM - National Geographic: "It Really Wasn't the Bear's Fault: Grizzly Attack Survivor Reflects"
Shannon Sanders
Ronan Donovan

Issue Reporting

First - The Washington Post: "Fighting America's deadly heroin epidemic"
McKenna Ewen
Whitney Shefte
Julio Negron

Second - The Washington Post: "Missing out on the miracle"
Whitney Shefte

Third - The New York Times: "Driving the South’s Flag Divide"
A.J. Chavar
Gabriella Demczuk

HM - McClatchy: "Irradiated"
Brittany Kamalei Peterson

HM - Orb Media: "Janet’s Story: Is there room for families in the global labor trade?"
Pierre Kattar


First - McClatchy: "King of the Swamp"
Jessica Koscielniak
Nicole Cvetnic
Sohail Al-Jamea
Jonathan Forsythe

Second - The Washington Post: "The rise and fall of baseball cards"
McKenna Ewen
Julio Negron

Third - The Washington Post: "DC Diva on the field, detective on the street"
Jorge Ribas

HM - The Washington Post: "Baltimore Orioles play in empty ballpark"
Jorge Ribas

HM - The Washington Post: "A veteran finds healing on a dog sled"
Lee Powell


First - NPR: "Fun With Physics: Finding The Speed Of Light With Peeps"
Adam Cole
Ryan Kellman
Ben de la Cruz
Alison Richards

Second - McClatchy: "Black Market Peso Exchange"
Sohail Al-Jamea

Best Multimedia Package

First - Orb Media: "Excess Baggage: Is there room for families in the global labor trade?"
Pierre Kattar
Alex Park

Second - The Washington Post: "Children of the Fallen"
The Washington Post

Third - National Geographic: "Taking Back Detroit"
Spencer Millsap
Jake Rutherford

HM - The Washington Post: "Majur Juac: Pondering his next move"
McKenna Ewen
Kent Babb
Jonathan Newton

HM - Orb Media: "No Place Like Home"
Lucian Perkins
Susan Seijas
Joanne Levine
Pierre Kattar


First - The New York Times: "Transgender, at War and in Love"
Gabriel Silverman
Fiona Dawson
Jamie Coughlin
Matt Rhodes

Second - National Geographic: "Cannabis For Kids: The Children Behind the Debate"
Spencer Millsap
Lynn Johnson

Third - National Geographic: "Dying to Breathe—A Short Film Shows China's True Cost of Gold"
Coburn Dukehart
Sim Chi Yin

HM - National Geographic: "A Child Prodigy, A Painful Disease, and a Life-Changing Treatment"
Kathryn Carlson

HM - The Washington Post: "Living like a fugitive"
Whitney Shefte
Idrees Ali
Shaiq Hussain
2016 Multimedia Contest Judges

Evelio Contreras

Evelio Contreras

Evelio Contreras is a producer, shooter and editor for CNN in New York. He produces and works on multimedia projects for cnn.com with a focus on personal stories. At CNN, he’s spent time with families coping with PTSD, addressing mental illness and life after a traumatic event.

Evelio’s interest in stories about people coping with trauma stems from his experience covering the Virginia Tech shootings as a print reporter for The Roanoke Times, the local paper in Southwest Virginia, on April 16, 2007. That week Evelio transitioned from print reporting to video storytelling. He taught himself video on the job and later trained journalists in the newsroom on video storytelling.
His online video storytelling work in Roanoke, the Las Vegas Sun and The Washington Post has received recognition from various groups, including the National Press Photographer’s Association, Online News Association and Harvard’s Nieman Storyboard. His work at CNN has been recognized by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Editor and Publisher and NPPA.

He is currently shooting and producing work on new video development projects at CNN and cnn.com. When he’s out reporting, or walking around, Evelio likes to tell short photo stories for Instagram that are published on CNN International’s photo gallery at cnn.com/scenes and on his feed: instagram.com/eveliocontreras.

Since 2004, Evelio has presented and taught at more than a dozen universities and workshops across the country and abroad. In the past decade, he’s coached at the National Press Photographer’s Association workshops for multimedia and television and presented at conferences in Amsterdam and Denmark for photojournalist and storytelling groups. In 2011, he was recognized for his storytelling and community work by his hometown of Eagle Pass, Texas, and county, on the border of Texas and Mexico.

Evelio’s a border town kid at heart, and the son of migrant workers, who like his parents, sees his travels and journeys across the U.S. as continuing the same story that they began, which is to build a better life for folks that he meets and considers like family along the way.


Catherine Orr

Catherine Orr is the co-founder of StoryMineMedia, a documentary production studio that produces independent projects and partners with nonprofits, foundations, and other organizations to create character-driven video stories that move people to action.

Orr’s individual and collaborative work has been recognized by Picture of the Year International, College Photographer of the Year, SXSW Interactive, and the Grantham Prize for Environmental Journalism. Her first feature-length documentary, Overburden, premiered at the Spring 2015 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. Overburden, is the story of a fiery, pro-coal right-winger and a tenacious, environmentalist grandmother who take on the most dangerous coal company in America. Orr and StoryMineMedia co-founder, Elena Rue, partnered with director Chad Stevens to edit and produce the film.

Orr is a graduate of the master’s program at the University of North Carolina School of Media and Journalism, where she was a Roy H. Park Fellow, and the editor-in-chief of “Coal: A Love Story,” an interactive documentary funded by the Carnegie and Knight News21 initiative. Orr is committed to sharing her experience and knowledge with others to help to grow the community of storytellers. She teaches workshops at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, The UNC School of Media and Journalism, and through various other institutions.


Rebecca Sell

Rebecca Sell is a freelance multimedia producer and photojournalist currently teaching interactive design, video and photojournalism at the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University, including teaching courses in audio and video storytelling, picture editing, user experience design, information architecture, interactive projects and mobile design. Her work has been published by USA Today, The Washington Post, National Geographic Short Film Showcase and others, and she has been an extern fellow at NPR and a professional-in-residence at Blue Chalk Media. Before coming to OU, Becky was a multimedia editor and staff photographer at The Free Lance-Star in Fredericksburg, VA, and has an undergraduate degree from Ohio University and graduate degree from Syracuse.