2020 Eyes of History: Digital Storytelling Results

Multimedia Journalist of the Year
Dalton Bennett, The Washington Post
  • How a back injury turned a doting father into a fentanyl kingpin
  • Inside the opioid industry’s marketing machine
  • Pathways to power: The conservative movement transforming America’s courts
  • On the front lines of the fentanyl epidemic, one jail struggles to treat inmates
  • The Opioid Files: ‘We was addicted to their pill, but they was addicted to the money’

  • News Story

    First - The Washington Post: "Cory makes her mad. Beto makes her swoon. Kamala makes her wonder. Who should she pick?"
    Kate Woodsome, Joshua Carroll

    Second - The Washington Post: "Crews search for the dead as Dorian's toll grows in the Bahamas"
    Zoeann Murphy, Whitney Shefte

    Third - The Washington Post: "’He was a great friend’: Students in El Paso grieve for their fallen classmate"
    Ray Whitehouse, Drea Cornejo

    Issue Reporting

    First - McClatchy: "The wait at Matamoros"
    Jessica Koscielniak, Duy Linh Tu

    Second - The Washington Post: "On the front lines of the fentanyl epidemic, one jail struggles to treat inmates"
    Dalton Bennett, Whitney Shefte

    Third - The Washington Post: "‘When will the Hatred stop?’: Family deals with loss after Dayton shooting"
    Erin Patrick O’Connor, Arelis Hernandez

    Feature Story

    First - BBC: "‘After Years of Searching, I found my Sister Next Door’"
    Hannah Long-Higgins

    Second - McClatchy: "Stricken"
    Reshma Kirpalani

    Third - The Washington Post: "Washington is full of Waste. C-SPAN lets us wallow in it."
    Joshua Carroll, Kate Woodsome, Danielle Kunitz

    Award of Excellence - The Washington Post: "George Takei doesn't want us to forget the last time the U.S. put people in detention camps"
    Erin Patrick O’Connor


    First - NPR: "Jazz Night In America: Ella Fitzgerald"
    Annabel Edwards, Colin Marshall, Niki Walker, Sidney Madden, Josh Rogosin, Tsering Bista, Jeremiah Rhodes, Suraya Mohamed, Katie Simon, Alex Ariff, Nate Chinen, Keith Jenkins, Lauren Onkey, Gabrielle Armand, Anya Grundmann, Amy Niles

    Second - The Washington Post: "How video games became an entertainment juggernaut"
    Atthar Mirza, Jayne Orenstein

    Third - CNN: "How a whistleblower complaint led to Trump's impeachment"
    Tom Foreman, Jacque Smith, McKenna Ewen, Jeffrey Hsu, Curtis Brown, Padraic Driscoll, Kenneth Fowler, Shane Csontos-Popko, Jessi Esparza, Quinn Qian, Max Pepper, Melody Shih, Jeremy Moorhead, Janelle Gonzalez

    Award of Excellence - The Washington Post: "Childhood trauma is a public health threat. Kids deserve better."
    Kate Woodsome, Joshua Caroll, Sarah Hashemi

    Documentary or Series

    First - McClatchy: "Perversion of Justice: How the law, the press and his victims finally caught up with Jeffrey Epstein"
    Brittany Peterson, Emily Michot, Julie K. Brown, Casey Frank, Jessica Koscielniak, Aminda Marqués González, Nancy San Martín, Jason Shoultz, Jonathan Forsythe , Sohail A-Jamea, Jose Sepúlveda, Matias J. Ocner, Pedro Portal, Reshma Kirpalani, Alexa Ard, Marta Oliver Craviotto, Randy Smith, Orlando Mellado, Monika Leal, Kristin Roberts

    Second - The Washington Post: "How a back injury turned a doting father into a fentanyl kingpin"
    Dalton Bennett

    Third - The Washington Post: "Inside the opioid industry’s marketing machine"
    Dalton Bennett

    Award of Excellence - NPR: "Senior Spring"
    Mito Habe-Evans, Nick Michael, Becky Lettenberger, Ben Naddaff-Hafery, Annabel Edwards, Sara Goo, Anya Grundmann, Keith Jenkins

    Best Multimedia Package

    First - NPR: "Losing The Eternal Blue Sky"
    Emily Kwong, Claire Harbage, Ganbat Namjilsangarav, Bolormaa Riimaadai, Alex Leff, Pam Webster, Nick Underwood, Alyson Hurt, Thomas Wilburn, Emily Bogle

    Second - USA Today: "1619: The Long Road Home"
    Jarrad Henderson

    Third - The Washington Post: "Iran’s hostage factory"
    Kate Woodsome, Jason Rezaian, Sergio Peçanha, Danielle Kunitz, Joshua Carroll, Breanna Muir, Phil Cooper, Jake Crump, Matt Callahan

    Award of Excellence - NPR: "Plastics: What To Recycle, What Remains Trash And Why"
    Rebecca Davis, Christopher Joyce, Meredith Rizzo, Thomas Wilburn and Alyson Hurt, Gisele Grayson, Arielle Retting

    Award of Excellence - The Washington Post: "‘We was addicted to their pill, but they was addicted to the money’"
    Dalton Bennett, Joyce Koh, Jesse Messner-Hage, Reem Akkad, Melina Mara, Nick Kirkpatrick, Joel Achenbach, Anne Gerhart, Brian Cleveland, Madison Wells, Court Kan, Matt Callahan

    Award of Excellence - The Washington Post: "‘We just want to Know how to get out of Here.’"
    Zoeann Murphy, Carolyn Van Houten, Ann Gerhart

    2020 Digital Storytelling Contest Judges

    Haimy Assefa

    Haimy Assefa headshot

    Haimy Assefa is an Emmy-nominated video journalist and documentary filmmaker. She produces, shoots, and edits cinematic stories in the U.S. and abroad. Haimy has been an integral part of digital video start-ups at places like CNN’s Great Big Story and NBC News’ Left Field.

    Jamie Coughlin

    Jamie Coughlin headshot

    Jamie Coughlin is a journalist and a film producer. She is an Emmy nominee, the recipient of a White House News Photographers Award for Best Documentary and is an IFP Documentary Lab Fellow and a RIAS fellow. TransMilitary, which Coughlin produced and wrote, premiered at SXSW 2018, where it won the Audience Award for Best Documentary and received critical acclaim, including a GLAAD Media Award. Coughlin was named to the 10 Filmmakers to Watch list by The Independent. Her work has been supported by the International Documentary Association, Catapult Film Fund, Miller Packan Film Fund, GLAAD Media Institute, and Frameline Completion Fund. Coughlin and her partner Gabriel Silverman left their newsroom jobs in 2015 to start their production company, SideXSide Studios, based in Takoma Park, MD. Previously, Coughlin was the supervising producer for USA Today.

    Francesca Trianni

    Francesca Trianni headshot

    Francesca Trianni is an Emmy-nominated senior producer at TIME, where she has worked since 2013. She has contributed to many of TIME’s most important stories, including features for Person of the Year and Time 100, and her work has been recognized with a World Press Photo award, Pictures of the Year International, and the National Murrow Awards. Francesca’s debut feature documentary, Paradise Without People, premiered in 2019. In 2018, Francesca produced, filmed and reported Finding Home: a year-long multimedia project on the Syrian refugee crisis told through the lives of three babies: Rahaf, Heln, and Faraj. Finding Home won the top prize at the 2018 World Press Photo contest for Innovative Storytelling, an ASME and an SPD award, among others. A native Italian speaker, Francesca graduated with honors from the Columbia Journalism School in New York.