2021 Eyes of History: Digital Storytelling Results

Multimedia Journalist of the Year
Drea Cornejo, The Washington Post
  • Florida’s Star Motel was in disarray before coronavirus. The pandemic pushed it over the edge
  • After years of living in motels, a family finally got their own RV. Then COVID-19 came
  • For two families, Breonna Taylor’s death is a reminder of the women they lost
  • Laid off from her job at Disney after 14 years, a server struggles to navigate the pandemic
  • George Floyd’s death became a symbol for racial injustice. Racism also played a role in his life

  • News Story

    First - The Washington Post: "N.J. EMTs battle fear and fatigue in the fight against coronavirus"
    Whitney Leaming, Ashleigh Joplin

    Second - The Washington Post: "On the sixth day of D.C. protests, a sense of family, community and music"
    Jorge Ribas, Ashleigh Joplin, Lindsey Sitz

    Third - The Washington Post: "How a night of protest turned deadly in Kenosha"
    Whitney Leaming, Whitney Shefte

    Award of Excellence - The Washington Post: "What it was like to report from a Capitol under siege"
    Rhonda Colvin, Lindsey Sitz

    Continuing News and Issue Reporting

    First - The Washington Post: "Laid off from her job at Disney after 14 years, a server struggles to navigate the pandemic"
    Drea Cornejo

    Second - The Washington Post: "After nights of violence in Minneapolis, locals take up arms to defend their community"
    Whitney Leaming, Jon Gerberg, Whitney Shefte

    Third - The Washington Post: "For two families, Breonna Taylor’s death is a reminder of the women they lost"
    Drea Cornejo, Alice Li

    Award of Excellence - The Washington Post: "As their special-needs children fall behind, these parents are desperate for schools to reopen"
    Jorge Ribas

    Politics Story

    First - The Washington Post: "Political tribalism makes these Americans nervous. We asked them why."
    Kate Woodsome, Joy Sharon Yi

    Second - The Washington Post: "U.S. Capitol attack: How Trump's rally turned into a riot"
    Joy Sharon Yi, Kate Woodsome, Danielle Kunitz

    Third - BBC: "US election: A wild three-year campaign in three minutes"
    Franz Strasser-Galvis, Joaquim Salles

    Award of Excellence - BBC: "“We believe that the election is being stolen.” Millions of Trump voters like Taylor aren’t willing to accept the election outcome, despite there being no evidence of widespread voter fraud. What will it take for those Americans to come around and what are the dangers for US democracy as Donald Trump keeps spreading misinformation about the result?"
    Angélica Casas, Shrai Popat, Chelsea Bailey, Parveen Virdi, Simon Martin, Emily Wolstencroft, Larissa Kennelly

    Feature Story

    First - The Washington Post: "After years of living in motels, a family finally got their own RV. Then COVID-19 came."
    Drea Cornejo

    Second - The Washington Post: "This is why the media should not replay viral videos of black men being killed"
    Joy Sharon Yi, Kate Woodsome, David Sung, Danielle Kunitz

    Third - The Washington Post: "Sinead O’Connor’s life and career fell apart. Now on tour, she's trying to piece them back together."
    Erin Patrick O’Connor, Geoff Edgers, Tom LeGro

    Documentary or Series

    First - The Washington Post: "How a Black autistic man is serving 10 years in prison for a car crash"
    Lindsey Sitz, Sarah Hashemi, Jesse Mesner-Hage

    Second - The Washington Post: "How one visa program keeps America fed"
    Luis Velarde, Drea Cornejo, James Pace-Cornsilk, Jayne Orenstein, José Martinez, Mauricio Villa

    Third - The Washington Post: "Coronavirus killed his only son. Four days after the funeral, he was back at work."
    Erin Patrick O’Connor, Tom LeGro


    First - The Washington Post: "Why is the U.S. so politically polarized? A neuroscientist and political scientist explain why."
    Kate Woodsome, Danielle Kunitz, Joy Sharon Yi

    Second - The Washington Post: "Trump warns of voting fraud, but ballot flaws are a real problem we can fix now"
    Danielle Kunitz, Kate Woodsome

    Third - The Washington Post: "How voter intimidation and suppression have evolved since the 14th Amendment"
    Joy Sharon Yi, Danielle Kunitz

    Award of Excellence - The Washington Post: "A dad searches for answers for working at home with kids"
    Jorge Ribas

    Best Multimedia Package

    First - The Washington Post: "‘We’ve been failed’"
    Zoeann Murphy, Rhonda Colvin

    Second - NPR: "The Ghost Towns Behind The Gates"
    Kat Lonsdorf, Claire Harbage Field, Makiko Segawa, Alex Leff, Patricia Cole, Sean McMinn, Thomas Wilburn, Audrey Carlsen, Alyson Hurt, Connie Hanzhang Jin, Constance Miller, Emily Bogle

    Third - The Washington Post: "America’s pandemic: After decades of warning, a failed response"
    Whitney Shefte, Jorge Ribas, Jesse Mesner-Hage, Reem Akkad, Brian Monroe, Ryan Rumery, Madison Walls, Libby Casey

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    2021 Digital Storytelling Contest Judges

    Andrea Patiño Contreras

    Andrea Patiño Contreras

    Andrea Patiño Contreras is a bilingual Emmy-nominated visual journalist from Bogotá, Colombia. She is based in Boston, where she works as a video journalist for Univision Noticias Digital. She produces visual content individually and as part of large teams and is involved in all aspects of visual production: from the research stages to the most intricate details of editing and post-production. Most of her work revolves around questions of immigration and human mobility. Her work has been recognized by the Hillman Foundation, the Webby Awards, the Gracie Awards and Picture of the Year International among others. Along with her team, she won the 2019 Gabo Award––the most prestigious journalism award in Latin America––in the ‘image’ category for her film “America First: The Legacy of an Immigration Raid.” The film also received a National Murrow Award and was a Livingston Awards finalist. Most recently, her 360º video short film ‘The Curious Life of Bill Mont’ premiered at SXSW. She holds a BA in cultural anthropology from Duke University and an MA in Media and Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is the co-founder of the visual production studio Rabbit Raccoon.

    Danese Kenon

    Kenon Danese

    Danese Kenon is a dynamic visual educator with nearly two decades of photojournalism experience. After receiving her bachelor’s in English from Virginia State University, she attended The Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Fla., as a Visual Fellow. She started her career as a photographer at The Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester, NY, then earned a master’s in photography from the SI Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University. A Pulliam Fellowship took Kenon to The Indianapolis Star, where she was a photographer, multimedia journalist and editor. She moved into management as Assistant Managing Editor/Visuals at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and later as the Deputy Director of Video/Multimedia at the Tampa Bay Times. Kenon is the Director of Photography and Video at the Philadelphia Inquirer. She teaches multimedia journalism in The Kalish and Multimedia Immersion video storytelling workshops and to NABJ student journalists. Follow her on twitter @danesekenon.

    Sky Dylan-Robbins

    Sky-Dylan Robbins

    Sky Dylan-Robbins is a documentary producer, journalist, and the executive director of The Video Consortium. She’s currently finishing a personal feature documentary about love and death. Previously, Sky was a staff journalist at NBC News, where she produced short documentaries about the cultural and spiritual shifts in how we think, connect, and exist in today’s unpredictable world. Before that, she was the Senior Producer of Video at The New Yorker, where she created the magazine’s first short films, series, and video supplement for print features. Forbes Magainze called Sky a “30 under 30” in the media industry, and her work has been honored by POYI, the Society of Publication Designers, PDN Photo Annual, the Webby Awards, the James Beard Foundation, The New York Press Club, The Newswomen’s Club of New York, various film festivals, and multiple Vimeo Staff Picks.