2019 Eyes of History: Still Contest: Picture Story: News

A series of news pictures that depicts a story line or single theme. 12 photos maximum per story. A picture story depicting the President of the United States, other U.S. politicians, or U.S. politics is NOT eligible in this category.

First Place

Carolyn Van Houten, The Washington Post
Thousands of central american migrants travel in a caravan through Mexico: Throughout 2018 thousands of Central American migrants made the journey from their home countries, often traveling more than 2500 miles across Mexico in caravans to reach the U.S. border. Unsure of what to do next as asylum processes constantly seem to change in the news, they have to decide whether to wait, to turn back, or to cross illegally, often with children in tow. However, if they are lucky, once they cross, the most uncertain, and longest part of their journey – the asylum process – has just begun.

Second Place

Ricky Carioti, The Washington Post
Coming Home: Army Spc. Gabriel D. Conde, 22, of Berthoud, Co., was killed on April 30, 2018 during a firefight in Afghanistan. Conde was on his last mission and days away from returning back to the United States. Members of Conde's division were also days away from returning to the United States making for an unusual circumstance in enabling his comrades to bury him.

Third Place

Matt McClain, The Washington Post
Parkland Shooting: The Parkland Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is the deadliest high school shooting in U.S. history with 17 people being killed. Students returned to school two weeks following the shooting. The building where the attack took place was no longer used for classes.

Award of Excellence

Jabin Botsford, The Washington Post
Hurricane Michael: Hurricane Michael: Taking 43 lives, Hurricane Michael was the strongest recorded hurricane to make landfall on Florida’s Panhandle, reaching an unpredicted and unprecedented category 4 just hours before sweeping the gulf coast. It’s eye of destruction centered on some of Florida’s most impoverished regions where many residents found themselves at a devastating disadvantage with no resources to evacuate or ways to seek help.

Award of Excellence

Brendan Smialowski, Agence France-Presse
Tree of Life: Robert Bowers murdered eleven people at the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh. The mass shooting during Shabbat services transformed the Squirrel Hill neighborhood into a place of tragedy, mourning, and a political lightning rod. While speaking comfort and justice the people in Pittsburgh react to the shooting.

Award of Excellence

Carlos Barria, Reuters
Jakelin Caal, 7-year-old: Friends and family gather around the coffin of Jakelin Caal, a 7-year-old girl who handed herself in to U.S. border agents earlier this month and died after developing a high fever while in the custody of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, during her funeral at her home village of San Antonio Secortez, in Guatemala December 25, 2018.