2020 Eyes of History: Still Contest: Picture Story: Politics

A series of pictures that depicts a story line or single theme devoted to U.S. politics or a U.S. politician. 12 photos maximum.

First Place

Erin Schaff, The New York Times
Articles of Impeachment: Large portions of the impeachment fight on Capitol Hill took place behind closed doors. Some of the most intriguing moments on Capitol Hill take place in private, away from hearing rooms and news conferences as members and staff work late into the night. This is a look behind the scenes, as the House Judiciary Committee Democrats worked on drafts of articles of impeachment and prepared for public hearings that helped lead to a final vote in the House of Representatives to impeach President Donald Trump.

Second Place

Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images
Donald and the Terrible, Horrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year: The most politically challenging year of the Trump Administration started and ended with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi standing in the exact same place. First, she gave Trump condescending applause during his State of the Union; and finally, she brought down the gavel on his impeachment by the House of Representatives. In between was what the president called a ‘witch hunt’: special counsel Robert Muller’s Russia report, damning testimony from Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, close political advisor Roger Stone went to jail, the White House couldn’t stop leaking, and a whistle blower revealed a quid pro quo with Ukraine. While Trump seems to crave the attention and chaos, many in Washington and across the country wondered ‘How will all end?’

Third Place

Erin Schaff, The New York Times
“Congress Wasn't Built for Members Like Me”: “Mothers in Congress: When You Have 3 Children and Hundreds of Thousands of Constituents” A record number of women were elected to the House in 2016, and with that the number of congresswomen with school-age children in congress has grown. But the trials of mothers with school-age children in Congress are many: long commutes, extended absences, emergency duties, late-night soirees, fundraisers. While fathers with young children are a mainstay in Congress, there are less than 30 such moms in the House and two in the Senate. Several say they still feel a stigma attached to their decision to hold office before their children are in high school, even if motherhood offers a critical perspective on governance.

Award of Excellence

Andrew Harnik, The Associated Press
Trump: Investigations into the conduct of Trump and his associates mounted throughout the year: a controversial immigration policy at home, and the administration's behavior towards Russia and Ukraine began with the Mueller investigation and culminated in his impeachment by the House. This paves the way to a future Senate trial which will decide and potentially reshape Trump's presidency just as he faces an election year.

Award of Excellence

Brendan Smialowski, Agence France-Presse
Untitled: Cause and effect are everywhere. The US President is one of the most powerful and influential people in the world. In politics and international relations, the actions and words of the President have complicated effects. President Trump has broken the contemporary mold when it comes to foreign affairs. While history can be the only judge, President Trump continues his unorthodox approach to diplomacy. At times braving new territory meeting unapologetically with adversaries of the US. Other times President Trump has taken a tough stance with allies while stepping back from regions where the US invested blood and treasure.