2021 Eyes of History: Still Contest: Picture Story: Politics

A series of pictures that depicts a story line or single theme devoted to U.S. politics or a U.S. politician. 12 photos maximum.

First Place

Doug Mills, The New York Times
Bright to Dark: President Donald Trump’s year began bright with rallies and praise and ended with his presidency with affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and unrest in America.

Second Place

Andrew Harnik, The Associated Press
Biden for President: After decades of trying, Joe Biden ran one last time for President of the United States. An uphill battle from the start he weathered a long list of primary candidates, a larger-than-life sitting president, and even a broken foot as President Donald Trump continued to wage attacks after losing the race. Nevertheless, Biden was sworn in as the 46th President.

Third Place

Melina Mara, The Washington Post
Warren is Loved, but She Still Lost: Elizabeth Warren attracted big crowds. She won rave reviews in nearly every debate. Her organization was second to none. She developed plans, a strategy and a message. Yet when voting started, she not only lost, but she also lost by a lot. Now as Warren, who ended her presidential campaign, her supporters are left to contemplate a factor that many believe contributed significantly to her loss: She’s female.

Award of Excellence

Kevin Dietsch, United Press International
COVID Capitol: As the COVID-19 pandemic brought the country to its knees, lawmakers and Capitol Hill were forced to adapt to continue working throughout the pandemic. The requirements for mask use and social distancing dramatically changed the day-to-day life on Capitol Hill.

Award of Excellence

Matt McClain, The Washington Post
Buttigieg: Former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg made a name for himself as he won the Iowa caucus and made history as the first openly gay candidate to win delegates in a presidential campaign. He eventually dropped out of the race and endorsed Joe Biden.

Award of Excellence

Rod Lamkey Jr., Freelance for Consolidated News Photos
Dysfunction Junction: The Senate Subway and Confluence of Politics: In the basement of the U.S. Capitol is a subway system where the hustle and bustle of politics comes to life. Senators meet each other on the train, pages and staff members navigate the small crowds of reporters trying to get quotes from politicians on the run.

Award of Excellence

Salwan Georges, The Washington Post
Bernie: Few politicians, if any, inspire as much loyalty among supporters as former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. The enthusiasm around Sanders was evident in his vast online fundraising and large rally crowds. The challenge for Sanders was widening his loyal base. Still, he proved he was a candidate to be considered by winning two of his first three primaries in the 2020 election. At 78 years old, Sanders’s impassioned advocacy of sweeping liberal ideas such as Medicare-for-all and tuition-free public college shifted the national conversation over the government’s role. Even when he suspended his campaign, Sanders and his supporters remained key players in the 2020 election.