2021 Eyes of History: Still Contest: Picture Story: Sports

A series of sports pictures that depicts a story line or single theme. 12 photos maximum per story. A picture story depicting the President of the United States, other U.S. politicians, or U.S. politics is NOT eligible in this category.

First Place

Patrick Smith, Getty Images
Muted Masters: One of professional golf's most prestigious events and majors, the 84th Masters was postponed seven months due to the coronavirus pandemic. A tournament that thrives on the attendance of patrons, they were muted as all fans were prohibited from the hallowed grounds of Augusta National. With no grandstands or ropes - and health protocols in place - the limited number of people on the course wore face coverings and were socially distanced. Despite the global health crisis, golfers still chased the coveted green jacket during the first ever Masters that fell in autumn.

Second Place

Kevin Dietsch, United Press International
A Season Without Fans: After the Major League Baseball season was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic officials made an unprecedented safety move to play a shortened season in ballparks without fans in attendance. Fans were replaced by cardboard cutouts, cheers and celebrating was piped in over the loudspeakers and actual fans were forced to watch from outside the ballpark fences or on TV.

Third Place

Patrick Smith, Getty Images
Sports Shuttered: In 2020, the sports world was shuttered. Athletes, fans and those alike in the world of sports were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Professional sports leagues suspended seasons, athletes trained in isolation, fans were barred from stadiums, and sports businesses were challenged all due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus.