2023 Eyes of History Still Contest: Picture Story – Sports

A series of sports pictures that depicts a story line or single theme. 12 photos maximum per story. A picture story depicting the President of the United States, other U.S. politicians, or U.S. politics is NOT eligible in this category.

First Place

Kent Nishimura, Los Angeles Times
Let’s Play (Banana) Ball: The Savannah Bananas, a minor league baseball club, went on their first ever “World Tour” this year, taking their unique brand of baseball, flipping the game on its head, to various cities across America.

Second Place

Jabin Botsford, The Washington Post
World Cup Qatar: The 2022 World Cup marks the first major world sporting event to be held in the Middle East, and, specifically, religiously devout Qatar. Days before the opening ceremonies the country banned alcohol in stadiums - usually strictly policed in the region, but a quintessential part of the experience for most fans. The event, an investment of roughly $300 billion dollars for the country, brought just over 1.4 million people to watch. And fans got the drama they came for. Qatar lost their own opening game, and massive upset wins from Saudi Arabia, Japan and Morocco. Star player, Lionel Messi, won in the last World Cup match of his career for Argentina against France.

Third Place

Matt McClain, The Washington Post
Field of Dreams: Every year, baseball purists participate in a tournament that pays tribute to the roots of the game. Using game rules from 1863, players don vintage uniforms and play in an open field. The setting is reminiscent of the movie, “Field of Dreams”, where players from the past appeared out of cornfields. This is the National 19th Century Base Ball Festival in Gettysburg, PA. This year featured 32 teams, more than ever before at the festival.

Award of Excellence

Evelyn Hockstein, Reuters
Curling - Mixed Doubles Round Robin Session 11 - Italy v China: overage of the mens, women's, and mixed doubles curling competition at the Beijing Olympics.