2024 Eyes of History® Still Contest: International News

A picture of a spot news, general news or issue reporting event taken outside the United States.

First Place

Claire Harbage, NPR
Recovery: Soldiers spend time swimming in a pool during a mental health rehabilitation course in Kharkiv region, Ukraine, on March 7, 2023. As Russia's war on Ukraine drags on, depleting the ranks of Ukrainian troops, the country's resource-strapped military is trying to find ways to care for soldiers who survive long, brutal deployments.

Second Place

Carolyn Van Houten, The Washington Post
End of Title 42: Realizing the baby is drowning face-down in the water, migrants flip the baby over gasping for air in an attempt to save its life while trying not to drown themselves as they cross the Rio Grande River to the United States border on May 11, 2023 in Matamoros, Mexico. People waiting on the banks of the river could see the baby was drowning before the men in the water could, so they desperately shouted to the men. The thick vegetation in the river hid the reality of the deep water, making the crossing in hopes of asylum in the hours before Title 42 expired that night very dangerous.

Third Place

Carol Guzy, for ZUMA Press
The Long Wait: Families wait in painful desperation after a massive 7.8 earthquake struck as bodies of their loved ones are pulled from the rubble in Hatay, Turkey, on Feb. 13, 2023. The confirmed death toll stood at 59,259 in cities across Turkey and Syria. Many believe shoddy construction was the cause of such excessive fatalities.

Award of Excellence

Evelyn Hockstein, Reuters
Grief: Hadas Kalderon, whose three members of the family, two children Erez and Sahar, and their father, Ofir have been kidnapped, while Hadas' mother and niece were killed, cries in the burned-out remains of her mother's home, following a deadly attack by Hamas gunmen from the Gaza Strip on Kibbutz Nir Oz, in southern Israel, on Oct. 30, 2023.

Award of Excellence

Michael Brochstein, Independent
Living in a School: A woman cooks while living in the basement of a school in Rozdolne, Ukraine, on May 9, 2023.