2017 Eyes of History: Editing: Long Form

Segment, package or series edited over an extended period. Must be at least five minutes long when originally aired. Your entry must be limited to 15 minutes. For a package/story you may show one 15-minute segment of your entry or two or three segments (separated by a dip to black) for a total of 15 minutes. For a series, show at least two segments not to exceed 15 minutes. No other editing is allowed.

First Place

Brian Hopkins, WJLA ABC-7 / Newschannel 8
Road Dog

Second Place

Alexander Rosen, CNN
U.S. Nazi Hunter Has One Active Case

Third Place

Charles MacDonald, CMacFido Productions
The Harlem Renaissance

“Award of Excellence”

Lance Ing, WRC NBC 4 and Sinclair Broadcasting
Hi Lo Of Gas

“Award of Excellence”

Joel Witte, CTGN
Heroin Insight