Congresswomen Photoshopped into official photo

From’s “4 congresswomen Photoshopped into official group photo”:


After posing for that cheesy portrait for the holiday card, we all know about the headaches group portraits can cause. For House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic congresswomen, it’s turned into something of a migraine.

On Thursday, the women gathered on the steps of the Capitol to take a large group photo, but four women were late to the shoot. Instead of gathering all 61 of the congresswomen again on their first day on the job, a House photographer snapped a photo of the latecomers and Photoshopped them into the top of the group, as seen above.

Pelosi’s office distributed the manipulated image on Thursday, sending out an email noting, “this version has the four members who were late photo-shopped in.”
News organizations ran with the story, questioning its accuracy as a historical document, since four members were not actually present for the group photo.
Ron Sachs, president of the White House News Photographers Association, said Friday in a statement to, “Today’s ‘doctored’ photo is not a true representation of the moment that happened yesterday, which brings into question the integrity of photos released by the government.”