Constitution And Bylaws The White House News Photographers Association, Inc.

(Revised 2005)


SECTION 1. The name of the organization shall be: WHITE HOUSE NEWS PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION (herein after referred to as the WHNPA, the Association or the Corporation).

SECTION 2. The registered office of the WHNPA shall be located within the District of Columbia. However, the Corporation may also have offices at such other places as may be determined by the Executive Board as the business of the Corporation may require.

ARTICLE II (Purpose)

SECTION 1. The purpose of the WHNPA as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation is:
A. To promote and protect the interests of its members assigned to cover the White House and other news events in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area;
B. To ensure the rights and privileges of all of its members in the professional performance of their duties;
C. To study and act upon any legislation affecting news photography with a view to safeguarding the best interests of the profession;
D. To advance and promote all phases of photojournalism with educational programs and financial assistance by awarding of scholarships and/or member grants;
E. To foster a spirit of cooperation between its members and elected and/or appointed officials at all levels concerning the activities of newsgathering photojournalism;
F. To interact with other professionally recognized newsgathering organizations and associations;
G. To define, foster and promote the highest standards of conduct in a spirit of friendly cooperation, both professional and social, among its members.

ARTICLE III (Code of Ethics)

The White House News Photographers Association, a professional organization dedicated to the support of photojournalism and to ensure the rights of its members in the performance of their duties, strongly believes in the public’s natural and legal right to freedom in searching for the truth and the right to be accurately and completely informed about the world in which we live. We believe that there is a direct linkage between the survival of a democratic society and an accurate and free press. To that end, we believe that the public journal is a public trust and that all connected with it are to the full measure of their responsibility trustees for the public. We believe that motion and still pictures are an indispensable means of informing people about their world. We strongly urge and expect our members to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in serving the public interest. To that end, all WHNPA members must aspire to the following code of ethics:

1. A healthy democracy depends on a free and accurate press.
2. The public journal is a public trust and those who work in it are trustees for the public.
3. The practice of photojournalism is worthy of the highest dedication and professionalism of those who enter into it as a life’s work.
4. Truthfulness, accuracy and fairness are fundamental to good photojournalism. To publish distortions of the truth is indefensible.
5. Photojournalists should publish images and works only if he or she holds in his or her heart to be true.
6. Our images and words shall be objective and published for the public good. We shall be stoutly independent of power and of material or monetary influence.
7. It is our duty to encourage, assist and educate all members of our profession, and those who aspire to it, so that the quality of photojournalism may always be raised to higher standards.
8. In the pursuit of our profession, we shall always be mindful of our duty to the common good of society, sensitive to matters of privacy and the grief of others, and to discharge that duty so that when our work is done, we shall have endeavored to lift the level of human ideals and achievement higher than we found it.


ARTICLE IV (Membership)

SECTION 1. There will be five (5) categories of membership in the WHNPA. The categories shall be:
A. Active Member
B. Associate Member
C. Life Member
D. Honorary Member
E. Student Member

SECTION 2. Eligibility for all classifications of membership shall be subject to a majority vote, by e-mail if necessary, by the Executive Board. All applications must be completed on a written or electronic form provided by the WHNPA.

A. Active Member:
To be eligible for active membership in the WHNPA, an applicant must be:
[1] Employed full-time in the production, editing or processing of still and video images for print or electronic media organizations, recognized by the WHNPA.
[2] Self-employed or under contract in the production, editing or processing of still and video images for print of electronic media organizations recognized by the WHNPA.
[3] Applicants must reside and/or do a majority of their professional work in the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan Area.
[4] Persons who have retired from the active business of newsgathering but are not eligible for Life Membership are entitled to all privileges of an Active Member. The annual dues shall be one-third (1/3) of the amount charged for Active Members.

All Active Members shall be eligible to hold elected office, participate in the Annual Photo Contests, and vote on all matters put before the General Membership.

B. Associate Member:
Applicants not meeting the criteria for active membership.

Applicants may be:
-Teachers of photojournalism
-Military photojournalists
-Manufacturers and others who are directly related to the design, production or marketing of photographic products related to photojournalism
-Still and video professionals employed by public or government agencies for the production, editing and dissemination of news pictures for public information -Computer industry designers and those associated with the marketing and production of computer hardware and software related to the photographic industry
-Retired members of the photographic community
-News photographers not based in the Washington metropolitan area

Associate Members may participate in all functions of the Association, except they may not hold elected office, vote, or participate in the Annual Photo Contest.

C. Life Member:
[1] Any Active Member who has contributed distinguished service to the Association and is nominated and approved by a vote of the Executive Board. Members may submit a written request for Life Membership to the Executive Board for its consideration. The Executive Board is authorized to act on such requests without further action by the General Membership. Eligible individuals must be a member of the Association for at least twenty-five (25) years.
[2] Any individual who has received the WHNPA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Life Members shall be exempt from all assessments and may participate in all functions of the Association, including holding office, voting and the Annual Photo Contest.

D. Honorary Member:
[1] A person who is a) a distinguished leader in the photographic, publishing, television or computer industry, or b) a person who is an advocate and supporter of the association’s ideals and objectives. An Honorary Member must be nominated and approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

Honorary Members shall be exempt from all assessments and may participate in all functions of the Association except holding office, voting or the Annual Photo Contest.

E. Student Member:
[1] A full-time university or college student studying photojournalism or a high school student who is a photographer for a school publication. Student members do not have to reside in the Washington metropolitan area.

Student members may participate in all functions of the Association, except they may not hold elected office, vote or participate in the Annual Photo Contest.

SECTION 3. Any member whose classification changes must notify the Association Secretary in writing or via e-mail within sixty (60) days of such change. All changes are subject to approval of the Executive Board.

SECTION 4. Any member may be dropped from the roles for non-payment of dues, misrepresentation of their classification or misconduct. (See Article XV)

SECTION 5. Any member who is dropped from the rolls may reapply to the Executive Board.

ARTICLE V (Application)

SECTION 1. Application for Active Membership must be completed on a written or electronic form provided by the WHNPA. The application requires:
A. Sponsorship of two (2) Active Members
B. A letter confirming employment from current employer or client
C. A copy of current media credentials
D. A current photograph of applicant
E. A check made payable to the WHNPA for one year’s Active Membership dues

SECTION 2. Application for Associate Membership must be completed on the form provided by the WHNPA. The application requires:
A. Sponsorship of one (1) Active Member
B. Current photograph of applicant
C. Check made payable to the WHNPA for one year’s Associate Membership dues

SECTION 3. Application for student membership must be completed on a written or electronic form provided by the WHNPA. The application requires:
A. College Student:
1. Two (2) letters of recommendation on letterhead from photojournalism professors and/or department head
2. Current photograph of applicant
3. Check made payable to the WHNPA for one year’s student membership dues

B. High School Student:
1. One (1) letter of recommendation from student adviser, yearbook editor (or similar) stating that the student is currently involved with photography activities (yearbook, student newspaper, etc.) at applicant’s high school
2. Current photograph of applicant
3. Check made payable to the WHNPA for one year’s Student Membership dues

SECTION 4. Upon a majority vote of the Executive Board, any applicant in any classification becomes a member of the Association effective on the date that the application was postmarked or received by the association Secretary. The Secretary shall announce, by mail or e-mail, the names of all new members and their classification.

SECTION 5. All members shall receive a membership card executed by the President and Secretary of the WHNPA.

ARTICLE VI (Dues & Assessments) Dues

SECTION 1. The Executive Board shall set dues for Active, Associate and Student Members. The Treasurer shall invoice all dues-paying members in December.

SECTION 2. Annual dues are payable by January 1.

SECTION 3. Any member who fails to pay annual dues by January 31, may be removed from the membership rolls and be ineligible for the Annual Photo Contest and voting for the current year.

SECTION 4. The Executive Board shall be empowered to raise the annual dues not to exceed twenty-five (25) percent once during the year.

SECTION 5. Dues shall not be assessed for Life or Honorary Members.

SECTION 6. The Executive Board, by majority vote, may waive for a period of one (1) year the dues of any member who is unable to pay dues because of illness or beset by financial problems.

SECTION 1. The Executive Board may, by a majority vote, impose financial assessments on the membership for specific and one-time purposes.

SECTION 2. The General Membership will be notified of the intent to assess and the purpose of the assessment twenty-one ( 21) days prior to a General Membership meeting.

SECTION 3. The issue of the assessment must be approved by the General Membership by a majority vote.

ARTICLE VII (Resignation)

SECTION 1. Any member may resign upon serving written notice to the Association Secretary. If, at a later date, a resigned member seeks reinstatement, the same procedures for new membership shall apply.

ARTICLE VIII (Governing Body)

SECTION 1. The governing body of the WHNPA shall be the Executive Board, comprising four (4) elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), three (3) elected representatives for stills and three (3) elected representatives for electronic media, with the immediate Past President serving as Ex-Officio. Only Active and Life Members in good standing may serve on the Executive Board.

SECTION 2. The President shall:
A. Preside over all Executive Board and General Membership meetings of the Association;
B. Direct, supervise and be responsible for all Association activities;
C. Administer the affairs of the Association in compliance with the Bylaws and any amendments thereto;
D. Appoint all committees necessary to carry out the various programs of the Association, while serving as an honorary member of each committee with full voting rights.

SECTION 3. The Vice President shall:
A. Perform all of the duties and responsibilities of the President when the President is absent or unable to perform;
B. Serve in any official capacity as directed by the President;
C. Become President in the event of the illness or death of the elected President, or in the event the President resigns or is removed from office.

SECTION 4. The Secretary shall:
A. Assemble and maintain all records of the Association;
B. Maintain a complete written record of all meetings of the Executive Board and General Membership;
C. Retain and, when required, affix the corporate seal to official documents; D. Cause to have maintained a complete and current membership list;
E. Cause to have written notice of all official meetings of the Executive Board and the General Membership mailed and e-mailed;
F. Execute written correspondence as directed by the President;
G. Make available upon written direction of the Executive Board all Association public records to any Active or Life Member within four (4) weeks’ receipt of such direction.
SECTION 5. The Treasurer shall:
A. Prepare and submit in writing, in conjunction with the Executive Board and Committee Chairs, a budget for Executive Board approval at the beginning of the fiscal year; the budget shall be presented to the General Membership;
B. Receive and deposit all monies paid to the Association;
C. Assemble and maintain a complete set of records on the financial affairs of the Association in a timely manner;
D. Prepare and submit a statement of income and disbursements to the Executive Board during its regularly scheduled meetings as well as a summary statement available at the General Membership meeting;
E. Pay all authorized and approved bills and legal debts owed by the Association;
F. Cause to have invoices for dues, special assessments and other billable activities generated;
G. Notify the Board of all persons who fail to pay their membership dues and/or assessment when due;
H. Arrange for the purchase of a security bond for no less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) placed on each of the four officers and the annual dinner chairman;
I. Within thirty (30) days after the close of the Corporation’s fiscal year, submit the necessary financial records of the Association to a designated CPA for the prompt preparation and filing of all appropriate taxes as well as for the conduct of an annual CPA audit.

A summary copy of the annual CPA audit shall be made available to each Association member upon request.

SECTION 6. The Executive Board shall:
A. vote on all applications for membership;
B. approve all Committee and Executive Board expenditures;
C. monitor the activities of the elected Officers and appointed Committee Chairs;
D. oversee the conduct of all official, educational, professional, social and administrative activities of the Corporation on behalf of the members of the Association within the limitations of these Bylaws.

SECTION 7. In the event any of the officers or members of the Executive Board, except the President, dies, resigns, or for any other reason whatsoever cannot continue to serve in his or her elected position, thus creating a vacancy within the governing body, that vacancy shall be filled by the President with an Active Member in good standing, subject to the ratification vote of the governing body (as defined in Section 1 of this Article) within sixty (60) days of said vacancy. The appointee shall continue to serve until the next general election.

ARTICLE IX (Nominations)

SECTION 1. During the month of January each year, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of no less than three (3) members representing a cross section of professions from among the Active and Life Members. This Committee shall present its slate of at least one candidate for each Office and the two (2) three-year terms on the Executive Board that become vacant in April of that year, as well as any other vacancies that may exist.

SECTION 2. All candidates for elected positions must be qualified as Active or Life Members in good standing at the time of nominations, and must have given advanced permission to be placed in nomination.

SECTION 3. The Nominating Committee will present its slate of candidates at the February General Membership meeting at which time nominations of qualified candidates will be open to the floor with the same requirement of advance agreement of the candidates to have their name placed in nomination.

SECTION 4. The terms of office to be filled by election are: A. President; B. Vice President; C. Secretary; D. Treasurer; each for one (1) year commencing with the Annual Dinner. In addition, two (2) positions for three- (3) year terms are filled by election to the Executive Board, one (1) being from the still photo industry, the other from the electronic media , also to commence with the Annual Dinner. This formula will ensure continuity on the Executive Board with staggered terms of three (3), two (2) and one (1) year that is currently in effect.

SECTION 5. Vacancies that occur during the fiscal year will be filled as set forth in the provisions of Article VIII, Section 7.

ARTICLE X (Elections)

SECTION 1. The Association shall conduct its annual election of Officers and vacancies on the Executive Board at its regularly scheduled April General Membership meeting or at special meeting called for this purpose. Only Active and Life Members in good standing are eligible to vote in WHNPA elections.

SECTION 2. The prescribed method for conducting contested elections by secret ballot shall be as follows:
A. The official ballot printed and mailed within thirty (30) days to all eligible voters. The ballot shall contain the title of the position to be filled; the candidate’s name and affiliation for each contested seat; and a clearly defined area for marking the selection.
B. The ballot will be sized so as to fit in a supplied #6 envelope upon the face of which will clearly be printed the instructions for voting, including a caution to the voter not to place any identification on the ballot or that particular envelope.
C. A #9 envelope will be provided for the sealed #6 envelope containing the completed ballot to be enclosed. The face of this mailing envelope will bear the pre-printed WHNPA official mailing address and a reference in the upper right-hand corner requiring affixing of a postage stamp. On the reverse flap of this #9 envelope two (2) pre-printed lines will appear, one (1) being identified for PRINT NAME and the other identified for voter’s SIGNATURE. All of this information is to be clearly set out in the instructions on the front of the #6 envelope including a notation that if the mailing envelope is returned without name and signature, it will go unopened and be voided by the Election Committee.
D. A #10 business-size envelope with the WHNPA return address printed on the face thereof together with the words “BALLOT ENCLOSED” will be used to mail the above materials to each eligible voter.

Candidates whose names appear on the official printed ballot are entitled to provide one (1) 8.5″ x 11″, camera-ready Fact Sheet in support of their candidacy, which will be reproduced and inserted with the ballot mailing material at no expense to the candidate. It must be in the hands of the Secretary within ten (10) days after the nominations are closed. If a candidate for office requests in writing a copy of the General Membership list, it shall be furnished within ten (10) business days of receipt of the request. Any costs associated with fulfilling this request shall be borne by the requesting candidate.
There is no provision under this system that will permit a write-in candidate. Therefore, any ballot marked with a write-in will be declared void.

SECTION 3. Voting can be accomplished in the following method:
A. BY MAIL so long as the ballot is received at the Association’s mailing address at least five (5) days prior to the start of the April election meeting;
B. DELIVERED to the place of the meeting and given directly to a member of the Election Committee prior to the polls being declared closed by the Presiding Officer;
C. IN PERSON at the polls during the meeting until the polls are declared closed by the Presiding Officer.

SECTION 4. The Election Chair shall not open the sealed envelopes or announce the results until the April General Membership meeting is officially convened.

SECTION 5. All elections shall be conducted under the direct supervision of the Elections Committee and the results shall be certified and announced to the membership present as well as published in the next meeting notice.

ARTICLE XI (Appointments)

SECTION 1. Upon taking office, the President may appoint the following standing Committee Chairpersons:
A. Photo Contest Committees
B. Publications Committee: (Exhibits, Awards Book, DVD) C. Nominating Committee
D. Elections Committee
E. Awards Dinner Committee
F. Membership Committee
G. History Committee
H. Education Committee
I. Bylaws Committee
J. Sponsorship Committee

The President shall also appoint any and all other Committees deemed necessary to carry out the goals and objectives of the Association.

SECTION 2. No standing committee shall consist of fewer than three (3) members and may consist of as many other members as the President or Committee Chair deem necessary.

SECTION 3. The primary duties of these Committees shall be set forth in writing and subject to periodic review, approval and amendment by the Executive Board.
A. Submission of a budget and activities scheduled for the current year. Submission of all reports as directed by the President as well as providing a written copy of all reports to the Association Secretary for inclusion in the official records and files of the Corporation.
B. Committees are required to present large projects to Executive Board for approval. Committees requiring funding must submit a budget to the Board for prior approval.
C. Receipts for all monies spent on behalf of the Association must be provided to the Treasurer within thirty (30) days of the expenditure.
D. All Committees receiving any income for the Association must transmit said funds to the Treasurer as soon as practical together with an accounting of the source of the funds.

SECTION 7. The President shall annually appoint a Registered Agent from among the Active Membership who maintains a legal residence in the District of Columbia to represent the WHNPA in all corporate matters.

SECTION 8. The President shall appoint a Parliamentarian from among the General Membership to assist in the conduct of all meetings of the Association, said person to apply Robert’s Rules of Order, revised.

SECTION 9. The presiding officer over any General Membership meeting shall have the authority to appoint a Sergeant-at-Arms for that meeting to ensure the orderly conduct of business in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, revised.

ARTICLE XII (Meetings)

SECTION 1. Regular meetings of the General Membership shall be called by the President no fewer than four (4) times a year in addition to the Annual Awards Dinner. A meeting of the Executive Board shall be held at least twenty-eight (28) days prior to any General Membership meeting.
SECTION 2. The Secretary shall cause to have prepared a written and electronic notice of all membership meetings and mailed at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the meeting date setting forth the date, time and place of such meetings with the names of new members.

SECTION 3. The Executive Board shall meet at least six (6) times during each fiscal year and any other times deemed necessary by the President. Members will count toward a quorum if they can be an active and constant participant in the exchange of conversation by electronic or digital communication. This provision shall only be allowed if the proper communications devices are accessible at the meeting site. The Executive Board shall not be held responsible for any or all forms of electronic, telephonic or digital communications. The Secretary shall cause to have prepared and mailed or e-mailed a written notice of the time, date and place of all such meetings.

SECTION 4. Special meetings of the General Membership may be called at any time by the President or upon receipt by the Executive Board of a written request for a special meeting signed by at least twenty-five (25) Active Members in good standing. As with all regularly scheduled General Membership meetings, the Secretary shall cause to have written notice prepared setting forth the date, time, place and purpose of the special meeting, and mailed to the General Membership at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the special meeting. The only official business that may be conducted at a special meeting is that for which the meeting was called as set forth in the meeting notice.

SECTION 5. Fifteen (15) Active Members in good standing shall constitute a quorum at all general and/or special meetings of the membership.
SECTION 6. If the President and the Vice President are absent from a meeting, then the order of ranking seniority to preside over said meeting would be the Secretary, the Treasurer, then a member of the Executive Board by seniority of service.

ARTICLE XIII (Financial)

SECTION 1. The Treasurer of the Corporation shall establish and maintain a checking account in the name of the White House News Photographers Association, Inc. for the General Fund with a federally insured bank or savings institution. Authority to issue checks on this account is vested in the Treasurer, and shall require the second signature of any one of the other elected officers of the Corporation or the Dinner Committee Chair, all of whom are properly bonded.

SECTION 2. All Association monies shall, under the recommendation of the Treasurer and approval of the Executive Board, be deposited in federally insured investments that assure the highest rate of interest on the principal.

SECTION 3. All funding requests by all committees must be presented to the Executive Board for approval.

SECTION 4. The four (4) duly elected or appointed officers of the Corporation shall be bonded in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) each by title, said bond to be paid by the Corporation.

ARTICLE XIV (Property)

SECTION 1. The Association authorizes issuance of a WHNPA membership card indicating member’s name and membership classification, and signed by the President of the Association and mailed upon receipt of annual dues. Included in the mailing will be a vehicle identification card. These items are the property of the WHNPA and shall be returned to the Association should a member resign or be expelled before their expiration date.

SECTION 2. The Association authorizes the sale of official WHNPA-related items for a fee established by the Executive Board:

A. The official WHNPA lapel pin.
B. Members in good standing may purchase a Metropolitan Police Press Photographers badge. Badges are limited to one (1) per member and the number thereon is registered. Should a member lose this badge, a written report must be filed immediately with the Association Secretary. A replacement badge may be purchased thirty (30) days after filing such a report.
C. Other items bearing the WHNPA logo subject to the approval vote of the Executive Board.

SECTION 3. The WHNPA logo is the trademark property of the Corporation and shall not be used or reproduced in any form whatsoever without the expressed written consent of the Executive Board. No items bearing the WHNPA shall be misused in any way so as to discredit the Association.

SECTION 4. Anyone found to violate the intended use of the WHNPA logo and WHNPA property shall be subject to criminal prosecution. Any member who misuses the logo or property is subject to suspension and/or expulsion.

ARTICLE XV (Conduct)

SECTION 1. Any member may be recommended for suspension, expulsion or other disciplinary action for conduct that is deemed improper or prejudicial to the best interest of the Association following a hearing by the Executive Board.

SECTION 2. A charge of any misconduct by a member of the Association must be presented in writing and signed by no fewer than five (5) Active and/or Life Members setting forth the details of the conduct determined to violate the intent of this Article.

SECTION 3. Upon receipt of such a charge, the Executive Board shall appoint an Inquiry Board of no fewer than three (3) Active and/or Life Members to hear the charges and to recommend the proper course of action to follow. No officer or member of the Executive Board shall serve on the Inquiry Board. If no further action is to be taken, all parties concerned shall be so informed by the Executive Board in writing within five (5) business days of the decision.

SECTION 4. A decision to pursue the charge(s) based on the recommendation of the Inquiry Board will cause a Notice of Disposition to be sent within five (5) business days to the charged party by registered mail, return receipt requested. Enclosed in this mailing shall be:
A. A copy of the original written charges against the member containing the names of those who have filed the charges of alleged misconduct;
B. Notice that a Hearing Committee comprising of five (5) members of the Association has been appointed to resolve the matter, said notice to contain the names of the Committee;
C. Notification of the time, date and location of the Hearing which shall be conducted no sooner than fourteen (14) and no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the date of mailing of the notice to the charged member.

Members appointed to serve on the Hearing Committee shall be given the same notification as contained in the above three items.

SECTION 5. The party charged, as well as those making the charges, may have a representative and witnesses accompany them before the Hearing Committee on the date and at the time and place stated in the Notice of Hearing. Within five (5) business days after the conclusion of the proceedings, the Hearing Committee shall present their written findings and recommendations to the Executive Board.

The Executive Board shall report the findings of the Hearing Committee to the party charged and to the membership at the next scheduled General Membership meeting or special meeting called for that purpose. A two-thirds’ vote of the members present and voting at said meeting shall be required to ratify any recommended disciplinary action.

ARTICLE XVI (Rules of Order)

SECTION 1. The rules of order at all meetings of the Association shall be in full accord with Robert’s Rules of Order.

ARTICLE XVII (Compliance)

SECTION 1. The purpose and objectives of the WHNPA are to be achieved in accordance with law, and in particular: all rules and regulations governing a D.C. Corporation; Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code, and its successions; and/or the Antitrust Laws of the United States of America.

ARTICLE XVIII (Liabilities)

SECTION 1. The Corporation shall undertake to hold harmless those Officers, Directors, employees and members who, while engaged in authorized Association activities, may become liable in action of tort. However, liabilities that arise through the operation of motor vehicles are specifically exempted from this provision.

ARTICLE XIX (Amendments)

The President shall appoint a Bylaws Committee every three (3) years to determine if any Articles of these Bylaws require updating by amendment due to changes in law, regulations, rules and/or for the orderly administration of the Corporation.

SECTION 1. The Bylaws of this Corporation may be amended at any time by a majority vote of those qualified members present and voting at a regularly scheduled General Membership meeting or a special meeting called for said purpose after electronic publication has been made at least ten (10) calendar days in advance in the required meeting notice setting forth the language of the Amendment(s).

SECTION 2. All proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Board and sponsored by at least ten (10) voting members in good standing. The proposed amendments shall be submitted at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the General Membership meeting upon which they are intended to be voted. The Executive Board shall offer comment to the membership regarding the merit of all Amendments.

SECTION 3. The Executive Board, by a majority vote, shall be able to present proposed amendments to the General Membership.

ARTICLE XX (Enactment)

SECTION 1. Based on the recommendation of the duly appointed 2004 Bylaws Committee, these revised Articles are proposed for adoption at a General Membership meeting to be conducted during the third quarter of calendar year 2005.

SECTION 2. These revised Bylaws are intended to replace those adopted by the White House News Photographers Association on the 24th day of September 1998 and revised in 1999.

SECTION 3. Upon approval vote of the membership, these Bylaws will become effective immediately. Printed copies will be sent to members at their request to the Secretary. The revised bylaws will be posted on the Association’s Web site for member review within fourteen (14) days of enactment.

ARTICLE XXI (Adoption)

SECTION 1. In compliance with the majority vote of the General Membership, these Bylaws with noted revisions have been approved on this 27th day of September 2005 at a regular General Membership meeting.