2024 Eyes of History®: Digital Storytelling Results

Multimedia Journalist of the Year
Zoeann Murphy
The Washington Post
  • After fires, Hawaiians worry about protecting water
  • Facing the Surge
  • ‘Revenge’ chanted in West Bank after deadly Israeli raid
  • Rex Brasher: The rediscovered bird painter
  • When Ukraine goes dark

News Story

First - The Washington Post: "Revenge' chanted in West Bank after deadly Israeli raid"
Zoeann Murphy, Erin Patrick O’Connor, Sufian Taha, Susannah George, Jessica Koscielniak

Second - The Washington Post: "Israeli soldiers clear bodies after Kfar Azza attack"
Zoeann Murphy, Jon Gerberg, Joyce Koh, Steve Hendrix

Third - The Washington Post: "Maui wildfires renew fears of being 'priced out of paradise'"
Zoeann Murphy, Whitney Shefte, Jorge Ribas, Reis Thebault

Continuing News and Issue Reporting

First - The Washington Post: "The women racing to stop America’s maternal mortality crisis"
Drea Cornejo, Jon Gerberg, Luis Velarde, Chris Chang, Jayne Orenstein

Second - The Washington Post: "Afghan refugees stuck in limbo, waiting for asylum"
Whitney Shefte, Jessica Koscielniak

Third - The Washington Post: "Texas border county tries divisive tactics to stop migrants"
Whitney Shefte, Arelis Hernandez, Jessica Koscielniak

Award of Excellence - The Washington Post: "Life in limbo for wounded former Afghan fighter"
Joy Sung, Antonio Olivio, Jayne Orenstein, Tom LeGro, Shoaib Harris

Award of Excellence - The Washington Post: "After fires, Hawaiians worry about protecting water"
Zoeann Murphy, Whitney Shefte, Elahe Izadi

Politics Story

First - The Washington Post: "Flashpoints 2024: The Southern Border"
Whitney Leaming, Jorge Ribas, Julia Wall, Jessica Kolscielniak

Second - The Washington Post: "How Florida’s abortion ban is leaving one family in agony"
Drea Cornejo, Jayne Orenstein

Third - The Washington Post: "Living in Ron DeSantis’s Florida"
Drea Cornejo, Joy Sung, Jayne Orenstein

Feature Story

First - The Washington Post: "How a high school play resisted LGBTQ censorship"
Hadley Green, Hannah Nathanson, Jessica Koscielniak

Second - BBC News: "These black gymnasts are making history"
Alexandra Ostasiewicz, Brandon Drenon

Third - The Washington Post: "How an LGBTQ+ gun owner is helping arm her community"
Hadley Green, Neeti Upadhye

Award of Excellence - The Washington Post: "An aspiring YouTuber told me how to make this video. He's 9."
Hadley Green, Taylor Lorenz, Jessica Koscielniak


First - The Washington Post: "What's next for nuclear fusion, the 'holy grail' of energy"
Drea Cornejo, Brian Monroe, Jayne Orenstein

Second - BBC News: "A short history of aerial espionage"
Alexandra Ostasiewicz

Third - CNN: "State lawmakers keep citing junk science about transgender youth"
Victoria Fleischer

Award of Excellence - BBC News: "Why are mass shootings on the rise in the US?"
Alexandra Ostasiewicz, Sumi Somaskanda


There were no awards given in this category in 2024.


First - NPR: "Consider This - CO2 Pipelines"
Catie Dull, Bronson Arcuri, Jason Fuller, Lauren Hodges, Linah Mohammad, Brianna Scott, Mia Venkat, Julia Simon, Courtney Dorning, Bridget Kelley, Adam Raney, William Troop, Sami Yenigun, Nicole Werbeck

Second - NPR: "Korva Reels"
Elizabeth Gillis, Zayrha Rodriguez, Zach Thompson, Michael Zamora, Korva Coleman, Laura Sullivan, John Poole, Nicole Werbeck

Third - NPR: "Consider This - Noise"
Catie Dull, Jason Fuller, Lauren Hodges, Linah Mohammad, Brianna Scott, Mia Venkat, Pien Huang, Bronson Arcuri, Courtney Dorning, Bridget Kelley, Adam Raney, William Troop, Sami Yenigun, Nicole Werbeck, Sami Yenigun

Award of Excellence - NPR: "Short Wave"
Catie Dull, Regina Barber, John Poole, Rebecca Ramirez, Ben de la Cruz

Documentary or Series

First - The Washington Post: "A family's fight against anti-trans bills in Texas"
Drea Cornejo, Jayne Orenstein

Second - The Washington Post: "A thousand miles apart: A Ukrainian family separated by war"
Whitney Leaming, Whitney Shefte, Jessica Koscielniak, Chico Harlan, Isabelle Khurshudyan, Kostiantyn Khudov, Annabelle Chapman, Lesia Prokopenko, Vanessa Guinan-Bank

Third - The Washington Post: "Wounded officers say gun fired without them pulling trigger"
Drea Cornejo, Joy Sung, Champe Barton, Tom Jackman, Jayne Orenstein, Brian Monroe, Tom LeGro

Award of Excellence - The Washington Post: "I flew this helicopter with my fingers"
Lee Powell, Rich Matthews

Best Digital Storytelling Package

First - The Washington Post: "Separated by Gaza war, Palestinian families live in fear of the next call"
Zoeann Murphy, Miriam Berger, Whitney Shefte, Sufian Taha

Second - The Washington Post: "Facing the Surge"
Zoeann Murphy, Chris Mooney, Ricky Carioti and John Muyskens

Third - The Washington Post: "How the National Zoo weighs its animals, from elephants to red pandas"
Lee Powell

Award of Excellence - The New York Times: "Visual Investigations: How Peru Used Lethal Force to Crack Down on Anti-Government Protests"
Brent McDonald, Ainara Tiefenthaler, James Surdam, Whitney Hurst, Mark Scheffler

Award of Excellence - The Washington Post: "Charlottesville’s Lee statue meets its end, in a 2,250-degree furnace"
Hadley Green, Neeti Upadhye

2024 Digital Storytelling Contest Judges

Anna Rothschild is an award-winning video producer, journalist, and host. Previously, she led the video team at ABC News’s FiveThirtyEight. She was the science video host for The Washington Post, and also created, hosted, and animated the YouTube series “Gross Science” for NOVA and PBS Digital Studios.

Ed Ou is an award-winning visual journalist and documentary filmmaker. His work has been recognized with both Emmy and Peabody awards He started his career as a teenager, covering the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, and the fall of the Islamic Courts in Mogadishu, Somalia, while he was studying in the Middle East. He first worked for Reuters and The Associated Press, covering a wide range of news stories in the region.

He also worked for The New York Times, covering East Africa and the Middle East during the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings. In addition, he covered the legacy of colonialism in Canada, the drug war in the Philippines, the rise of extremism in the United States, and the COVID-19 pandemic for NBC News.

He completed a feature documentary looking at the intersection of American policing and those living with mental illness.

Ou’s coverage of the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riots contributed to a Staff Public Service Pulitzer Prize for The Washington Post.

Kate Woodsome is a writer, director and producer, and her work has been recognized with a Pulitzer Prize, an Edward R. Murrow Award, and accolades from the White House News Press Photographers Association. Most recently with The Washington Post, Kate pioneered a mental health column and managed a short documentary film unit for Post Opinions.

She was part of the team that received the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service and the Ben Bradlee Award for Courage in Journalism for coverage of the Jan. 6 Capitol attack. Kate previously ran a global current affairs program on Al Jazeera English and spent her early career as a radio and print reporter in Asia with the Voice of America and Cambodia Daily newspaper.