2014 Eyes of History: Still Contest: Picture Story News

A series of news pictures that depicts a story line or single theme. (A picture story depicting the President of the United States, other U.S. politicians, or U.S. politics is NOT eligible in this category.) 12 photos maximum per story.

First Place

Mark Wilson, Getty Images
Bringing home the fallen: More than 6,700 U.S. service members have died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. All U.S. soldiers killed overseas are flown back to Dover Air Force Base where a solemn dignified transfer moves them to the Port Mortuary on base. The remains are then positively identified, and special care is given to fit and replicate their uniform down to the smallest detail. The remains are then transported to their final destination as determined by the family. Many of the fallen are buried at Arlington National Cemetery where some receive a full honor funeral with a horse drawn Caisson. Relatives of the fallen often visit Section 60 at Arlington Cemetery to pay respect to their loved one.

Second Place

Ricky Carioti, The Washington Post
Tornado: MOORE, OK - MAY 21: Summary: An EF5 tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma on May 20, 2013 killing 24 people and injuring several hundred. The massive storm had winds at 210 mph and cut a 17-mile long path of destruction.

Third Place

Melissa Golden, freelance for The Wall Street Journal
No Moore: For 39 minutes on May 20, 2013, a massive EF5 tornado with winds reaching 210 mph cut a 17-mile long path that was 1.3 miles wide at its peak. Moore, OK bore the brunt of the damage and of the 24 casualties, seven were children at Plaza Towers Elementary School, which had no storm shelter. Indeed, most homes hit lacked shelters which are not legally mandated by the state. The May 20th tornado was the town's fifth major one since 1998, yet many of the residents photographed and interviewed in the immediate aftermath expressed a desire to remain in Moore and rebuild and hope for the best.