2017 Eyes of History: Still Contest: Picture Story International

A series of pictures of feature, spot news, general news or issue reporting that depicts a story line or single theme, made outside the United States. 12 photos maximum per story.

First Place

Michael Robinson Chavez, The Washington Post
The Human Toll of Mobile Power: Cobalt is an essential ingredient in lithium batteries which power our smart phones and electric vehicles. The ingredients for the batteries come from all over the world and often involve exploitation of labor, heavy pollution and extreme poverty. The cobalt miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 60 percent of the world's cobalt is found, refer to themselves as “creuseurs,” or diggers. They venture into the hand dug cobalt mines with no safety equipment other than a plastic lantern on their heads, if they can afford one. A digger readies to enter a mine in Kawama, DRC.

Second Place

Matt McClain, The Washington Post
Zika Virus Epicenter: Recife, Brazil has been the epicenter of the Zika virus outbreak, which is carried by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. It also has had some of the largest numbers of babies born with microcephaly. A condition tied to the virus. The climate of northeast Brazil and improper sanitary conditions are possible reasons why the area has been the heart of the epidemic.

Third Place

Michael Robinson Chavez, The Washington Post
The Longest Road: A Haitian migrant child peers out a bus window near the border town of Peñas Blancas, Costa Rica on September 17, 2016. Thousands of migrants from Africa and Haiti are stuck at the Costa Rican and Nicaraguan border. Most arrived overland from Brazil, which included a harrowing walk across the Darien Gap connecting Colombia and Panama where they witnessed many of their fellow migrants perish, taken by rivers or falling into deep canyons.

Award of Excellence

Carlos Barria, Reuters
Guarding the Presidents: A police officer guards as the motorcade transporting U.S. President Barack Obama drives along a rural area near Shima, where the 2016 Ise-Shima G7 Summit is being held, in Shima, Japan, May 26, 2016.

Award of Excellence

Carol Guzy, Freelance for ESPN/ZUMA
Cuba by Wheelchair: Paraplegic Colin Buchanan uses elevator lift on only wheelchair accessible yacht in the world, the Impossible Dream, as the group sails to Havana, Cuba in May 2016. Quadriplegic Josh Basile organized the trip and uses adaptive sports adventures to motivate others with spinal cord injuries to 'Live every breath'. The three friends met during rehabilitation. In Cuba they experienced the culture and challenges of navigating the country by wheelchair.

Award of Excellence

Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images
Yo Soy Fidel: As Cubans lined the roadsides, clustered in small town squares and filled city plazas, they chanted “Yo soy Fidel!” a slogan that translates to “I am Fidel!” They hoped to catch a glimpse of the cremated remains of their former president Fidel Castro as they glided by in a tiny flag-draped casket that belied the revolutionary’s large physical stature and larger-than-life personality. Castro, who died November 25 at the age of 90, was a polarizing figure who made his country into a one-party socialist state, beguiled 11 American presidents and brought the world to the the brink of nuclear war. As older Cubans wept, the younger generation cheered for Fidel, who existed to them more as a historical figure than an actual person. What a post-Fidel Cuba looks like is still evolving as Cubans decide how much of Castro’s revolution the want to carry into the future.