2017 Eyes of History: Still Contest: Picture Story Politics

A series of pictures that depicts a story line or single theme devoted to U.S. politics or a U.S. politician. 12 photos maximum.

First Place

Brendan Smialowski, Agence France-Presse
Untitled: Hillary Clinton has been criticized for representing the ideals of old Washington and being detached from voters. Adored and despised the former first lady and Secretary of State enters the final days of her campaign fighting for the office of President of the United States while campaigning in traditional battleground states and running a conventional campaign against her opponent Donald Trump.

Second Place

Melina Mara, The Washington Post
A Tight Pool Window 2016: Inside the The Campaign Trail bubble I built a visual narrative within the orchestrated landscape, one of those narratives was using windows as my “frame within a frame” constraint - Documenting through Clinton Campaign Pool Van windows and windows wherever the Pool was placed during the Campaign.

Third Place

Pete Marovich, Freelance for UPI
2016 Political Conventions:

Award of Excellence

Jabin Botsford, The Washington Post
Basket of Deplorables: Eighteen days before the Presidential election, enthusiastic Trump supporters share their thoughts about their choice in a barn outside a Trump rally in Fletcher, NC.

Award of Excellence

Andrew Harnik, The Associated Press
Clinton for President: Arguably the most experienced presidential candidate in American history, Hillary Clinton was supported by virtually all major voices in society, including the dynamic outgoing first african american president. However, a poor campaign strategy, writing off rust belt white voters, an an 11th hour FBI investigation, along with a 20 year career in politics to pick apart became easy fodder for her opponent - leading to her defeat that shocked the nation and the world.

Award of Excellence

Doug Mills, The New York Times
Hillary's Run for the White House: Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made her second run for the White House. After winning the nomination and holding a lead in the pools, Hillary was under constant pressure because he private email server while she was Secretary of State. Hillary was shocked to lose the election to Donald Trump.

Award of Excellence

Olivier Douliery, Freelance
The Last Year: Over the past year, as President Barack Obama embraced the final months of his presidency, his approval rating has climbed above 50 percent. A historic visit to Cuba, a rare display of public emotion as he announced executive action on gun control and the stunning victory of Donald Trump during the Presidential election made his last year in office a conflict between validation and repudiation of his presidency.

Award of Excellence

Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images
Rubio's Run: Republican Senator Marco Rubio appeared to have it all: Good looks, a beautiful family, a Latino heritage and a skyrocketing political trajectory in the all-important swing state of Florida. In any other political year, there would be little standing in Rubio’s way to the White House. Conservatives, young and old, flocked to his rallies in New Hampshire and South Carolina but Rubio’s slightly stiff and repetitive campaign style made it hard for him to connect with voters in those early primaries. When his poll numbers started to rise, real estate mogul and reality television star Donald Trump called him “Little Marco,” a tag he couldn’t seem to shake. He placed behind Trump in every Republican primary except Minnesota’s and dropped out of the race after losing his home state on March 15.