2018 Eyes of History: Still Contest: Picture Story: Feature

A series of pictures that depicts a feature story line or single feature theme. 12 photos maximum per story. A picture story depicting the President of the United States, other U.S. politicians, or U.S. politics is NOT eligible in this category.

First Place

Ricky Carioti, The Washington Post
Tyshaun: Tyshaun McPhatter's father, Andrew, died on March 5, 2017 after being shot while in his car close to his house and outside Tyshaun's school. He was one of six gunshot victims that were shot on Wheeler Road in Southeast D.C. in the span of a week. Tyshaun, 8, spends time between his father's house with his grandmother and his home in Oxon Hill, Md., with his mom.

Second Place

Matt McClain, The Washington Post
Shooting Survivors: Twin sisters Gianna Baca and Natalia Baca survived the mass shooting in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. In less than a week after the mass shooting both sisters attended school homecoming events despite their wounds.

Third Place

Pete Marovich, Freelance for American Reportage
Rust Forms on an American Dream: In the 1980's, the steel industry that built Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and still dominated its economy, entered a death spiral. Now, thirty years later, the city has survived its deindustrialization, but the small towns, where the majority of the region's steel mills were located, are still struggling with unemployment, a decimated tax base and a crumbling infrastructure.

Award of Excellence

André Chung, Freelance for ESPN
Nerds in All Shades: Cosplay has become an important subset of pop culture with events like ComicCon providing an outlet for fans. However for many people of color, these events often feel exclusionary and fail to provide reference points that are fully relatable. BlerDCon is the first nerd convention organized for people of color, and offers a safe and welcoming space.

Award of Excellence

Matt McClain, The Washington Post
The Old Dominion: Outside of the beltway, Virginia's southern influences can still be felt. Some traditions that began in the area's early settlement are still carried on. Some of these touch every facet of day to day life, from farming to music and sport. The state also had a pivotal role during the Civil War. Home to many battle sites and the capitol of the Confederacy, reminders of that past can still be found.

Award of Excellence

Matt McClain, The Washington Post
Elvis Lives: Forty years after his death, Elvis Presley is still very much alive in the hearts and minds of his many fans. Many made the pilgrimage to Memphis, TN for Elvis Week this year to mark the 40th anniversary of his death. There were also, scores of ETA's or Elvis Tribute Artists on hand to entertain the throngs of devoted fans.