2015 Eyes of History: Student Contest: rules & entry

Entry Period: 1 DEC 2014 to 1 FEB 2015
Judging: 7 FEB 2015

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Read carefully failure to follow every rule will disqualify your application

  • Entrants are not required to be WHNPA members.
  • Winning students will have their full-time student status verified by the WHNPA board
  • Before winners will be announced, finalists must have an advisor confirm the student’s full-time student status at the time the work was created or published. Entrants will be asked to provide contact information for how the committee can reach an advisor the day of judging, Saturday, February 7, 2015.
  • Payments can be made via PayPal at the Student section at www.whnpa.org.
  • Payments and entries must be received by February 1, 2014.
  • All contest information and updates will be available at www.whnpa.org.
  • This contest honors visual journalism. All work entered in this contest must be considered journalism and adhere to the code of ethics of WHNPA.
  • Entries do not need to have been published, except where noted.

Image Usage Rights

By submitting images to this contest you are granting limited use rights to the White House News Photographers Association and its sponsors to use your images for any of the following including, but not limited to publication of the winner portfolios, promotion of future contests and use by the association indefinitely. Your images could be used on posters, websites, and newsletters or for external advertising purposes without further compensation or permissions necessary. You will of course be credited for all your work and retain full copyright of the images. WHNPA does not reserve the right to sell your images to a third party or give your images to outside sources outside of the limitations of this contest promotion or promotion of the organization. If you have any questions about these terms, please direct emails to WHNPA President Ron Sachs at [email protected].

Entry Fees

Still photography – $25 per photo portfolio
Video – $25 for up to two entries, $15 for each additional entry, per student.


The contest submissions will open on December 1, 2014, and will be accepted through Sunday, February 1, 2015. No submissions will be accepted after 11:59 p.m. EST on February 1, 2015.

Judging Process

A public judging will be held on February 7, 2014, hosted at the National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C. Please feel free to join us and watch the process to see your entry critiqued.


The 2014 Student ‘Eyes of History’TM contest winners will win some great awards including:

contact [email protected] with questions

Entry Fee: Video – $25 for up to two entries, $15 for each additional entry, per student.
Deadline: The contest submissions will open on December 1, 2014, and will be accepted through Sunday, February 1, 2015. No submissions will be accepted after 11:59 p.m. EST on February 1, 2015.


  • Pieces have a 3-minute time limit unless noted otherwise. If stories are originally longer than 3 minutes, then they may be edited into two or three
    section (separated by a dip to black). No other editing allowed.
  • All entries must be shot and edited by a single student. Narrated pieces can be narrated by another student, but just the photojournalist (shooting and
    editing) is being honored.
  • Limit of two entries per category per student
  • Any video or elements not created by the entrant (such as file video) must be clearly labeled in the entry or in the notes
  • Judges have the right to move or eliminate entries that don’t fit the categories or meet the qualifications
  • Work should be created or published from January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014
  • Please submit one Vimeo or YouTube link per entry


Pieces may be entered in other categories.

  • (V1) Sports: coverage, analysis or preparation of or for a sports event or activity.
  • (V2) General News or Feature with Narration: news story with narration. It may have a standup, but not required.
  • (V3) General News or Feature: Natural Sound Package (without Narration) Natural sound piece – a news story without narration.
  • (V4) Day Turn News Story: a hard news story shot, edited and aired/published within 24 hours. No other editing allowed beyond that time period.
    Can be a narrated piece or a natural sound piece.
  • (V5) Student Video Photographer of the Year: (10 minute time limit) students submit a portfolio (highlight reel) of their favorite stories, including up to three pieces.

1. Complete entry form for content

2. Pay Entry Fee(s)

 Before paying entry fee below please make sure you have completed the application above and clicked the green submit button 
Entry Fee
 $25  + $3 online processing fee
per entrant portfolio.

Entrant Name

Additional Entry Fee
 $15 per additional entry  + $0.50 online processing fee per additional category entry.

Number of Additional Entries:

General Requirements

  • Each student will submit a portfolio with a minimum of 10 images and a maximum of 30 images. Committee suggestion: A well-rounded portfolio should include a selection of strong single images and at least one photo story of a compelling news topic.
  • The work can be from any year as long as the entrant was enrolled as a student.
  • Absolutely NO images may be entered from a previous winning WHNPA student portfolio
  • Students may enter no more than 5 title slides to separate sections of his or her portfolio.
  • Title slides may only contain the story or section’s name and no personal information at all.
  • All photo stories should include a title slide. Please include a story description of no more than 50 words in the caption IPTC/File Info metadata field only. Do not put it on the title slide.

IPTC/File Info & Naming Requirements

  • IPTC: Please provide the following IPTC/File Info category information with every image:
    Captions: Captions are required and should be written with who/what/where/why/when information.
    DO NOT include your name in the caption or you will be disqualified.
    Photographer: Put your first and last name and school name. (ex: John Public/Some University)
    Contact: Please put your telephone number, home address and email address in this section. This is how we know how to alert the winners.
  • Saving Your Files: Image must be saved as RGB jpegs sized at 10” on the longest side @ 300 dpi
  • Naming your files: Each file name must be your three initials and the first three initials of the school and the state’s initials with an underscore followed by a 3 digit numerical sequence. If you do not have a middle name use the letter “x.” For example: John Q. Public from Syracuse University in New York would be jqpsyrny_001.jpg.

1. Complete Entry Form For Content

2. Pay Entry Fee

 $25  + $3 online processing fee
per entrant portfolio.

Entrant Name

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