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WPOW 2014 Annual Juried Photography Exhibition Artists Reception and Party

The public is invited to join WPOW for an artists reception and party, RSVP at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1552778354958307/ Congratulations to all the selected photographers: Ami Vitale, Amanda Voisard, Amy Toensing, Dana Rene, Fatimah Waseem, Gabriella Demczuk, Jacquelyn Martin, Katherine Frey, Kate Warren, Lexey Swall, Lauren Schneiderman, Melina Mara, Michelle Frankfurter, Maria Bryk, […]

Photo by AP’s Martin helps reunite man with his family

WHNPA member and Associated Press photojournalist Jacquelyn Martin played a key role in the fortuitous reunion of a missing man and his family. Martin made a cold weather feature of a man resting near a steam vent with a group homeless in Washington, DC Saturday, January 4th. The man who […]

WHNPA members speak at RIT senior class seminar

Associated Press photographer Jacquelyn Martin, RIT graduate class of 2001, talks to students of Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Photographic Arts and Sciences. The students are in Washington, D.C. on a senior class seminar. William Synder, four-time Pulitzer Prize winning photographer and editor and Chair of the Photojournalism Program […]