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Washington Post’s Bill O’Leary talks about early days of his career

National Public Radio’s Arun Rath speaks to Washington Post staff photographer Bill O’Leary for All Things Considered’s new series “My Big Break”. In the NPR piece Clear, Sharp And Properly Exposed: How A Photo Made A Career, O’Leary spoke about his January 18, 1990 photo of DC Mayor Marion Barry […]

Photo by AP’s Martin helps reunite man with his family

WHNPA member and Associated Press photojournalist Jacquelyn Martin played a key role in the fortuitous reunion of a missing man and his family. Martin made a cold weather feature of a man resting near a steam vent with a group homeless in Washington, DC Saturday, January 4th. The man who […]

Air and Space Museum security tackle photojournalist during protest

The Washington Post writes about a situation at the Air and Space Museum where two WHNPA members were interfered with by security officials. While covering a fast food wage protest at the museum’s McDonalds freelance photojournalist Kristoffer Tripplaar was wrestled to the ground while Associated Press video journalist Bill Gorman […]

POLITICO features essay on White House photographers

The controversy over the Obama Administration using official photos while bypassing the independent photojournalists covering the White House continues to increase. White House News Photographers Association member and “ Presidential Picture Stories: Behind the Cameras at the White House” author Dennis Brack curated a collection of historic images of photographers […]

WHNPA’s Dharapak & Kraft talk about White House use of official photos

WHNPA members Charles Dharapak of the Associated Press and Brooks Kraft, a freelance photographer and contributing photographer to TIME Magazine, appeared on MSNBC The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd. The two experienced photographers discussed the continuing problem of the Obama Administration’s exclusion of photojournalists from White House events while instead real easing […]

Charles Dharapak’s Instagrams in Globe’s Big Picture

The Boston Globe featured Associated Press photojournalist Charles Dharapak’s Instagrams in their photoblog The Big Picture. The 18 image slideshow features images made while covering politics in Washington, DC and on the road. Dharapak is not new to Instagram and also used it during the 2012 US Presidential campaign. His […]

WHNPA members speak at RIT senior class seminar

Associated Press photographer Jacquelyn Martin, RIT graduate class of 2001, talks to students of Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Photographic Arts and Sciences. The students are in Washington, D.C. on a senior class seminar. William Synder, four-time Pulitzer Prize winning photographer and editor and Chair of the Photojournalism Program […]